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Paint Parti is Calgary’s #1 Choice for Paints and Pints!

Who We Are

Paint Parti is about making art available to people who don’t consider themselves artists or creative in any way. Paint Parti is a stress free zone with lots of fun and laughs that make this night a night you won’t forget. The stress free, non-judgmental environment inspires everyone to enjoy the process of creating something from nothing and being proud of it.

What We Do

We take two things: Painting and Drinking and mix them together to create a masterpiece of art, created by you! You will be given step-by-step instructions mixed with some of your own creative flair to complete a beautiful painting that can be hung up on a wall, or even given away as a gift. This is an informal setting where you get to unleash, drink, socialize and simply have fun in a stress free environment.



1-2 hour Paint Parti’s are held usually with 20-40 people in attendance.



We work in many different cities and have partnerships with several bars, restaurants and venues.



Cost is $45 for all supplies and the canvas you keep. Drinks and food are extra.


Chrisann Jean Bodi

Chrisann has been painting and drawing since she can remember. In Grade 11 one of her pieces was featured in a book called “Book of diversity” published in Port Coquitlam and given to the Mayor. She was then awarded an art scholarship to  Emily Carr Institute in Vancouver, B.C.

She has taught art classes at Bumble Bee Academy and now runs Alberta/British Columbia’s local Paint Parti business.

To date she has sold over 100 art pieces to businesses and clients and is very passionate when it comes to opening up someone’s creative ability.

Mary-Anne Quist

Vibrant and Canadiana have been used to describe Mary-Ann’s work.  A teacher by trade, she has spent her life perfecting her art.  Experienced in most mediums she now prefers oils as she loves the texture and fluidity they bring to her work.  Working with others she shares her love of painting with the hope of passing on her enthusiasm for art while at the same time developing new artists.

“At Paint Party I am able to use my gift of teaching and art in a fun way.   I’ve always loved inspiring people and exposing them to something new or something they haven’t done before.  It’s exciting to watch someone who is very hesitant complete a work of art in one night and really enjoy what they’re doing.”

Are you an aspiring artist looking for work?

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Looking to become a part of Paint Parti? Call or email us today! We are looking for talented individuals like yourself to bring paints and pints to the masses!

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