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Painting Niche Continues to Boom

Are you looking to get out of Corporate America and into a job that’s less stressful and more fun?

There’s a franchise concept that’s exploding across the nation, in part because it offers owners just that opportunity — a chance to spend time in a fantastic work environment with a real party atmosphere. This business idea also feeds into Americans’ insatiable desire to find something different, affordable, and enjoyable to do with their friends, family, or co-workers.

What is this business? Welcome to the world of “paint ‘n’ sip” franchises.

Franchise owners in this niche organize alcohol-fueled painting parties. Working from an example canvas, party guests create their own version of the artwork on a canvas they get to take home as a souvenir, all while visiting with friends and enjoying a glass of wine or a craft beer. This isn’t like art class, and guests aren’t expected to be artistically savvy — it’s “fun art” you can bond over making, and then take home. And classes are affordable, around $30 or so per person.

How fast is the paint-and-drink phenomenon spreading? Here’s a look at four of the biggest franchise chains in the category, their business models, and their growth plans for this year:

Painting With a Twist

The oldest and biggest of the franchise chains, PWAT was founded by New Orleans moms Cathy Deano and Renee Maloney, who were looking for a way to escape the post-Hurricane Katrina blues. The chain now has 190 locations in 28 states, and expects to open more than 100 new painting-party studios this year. The growth isn’t all in new units, either — sales at stores open more than a year were up 37 percent in 2014, the company reports, as word of mouth brings in more customers and existing customers return for more parties.

The company’s instructors have created more than 5,000 copyrighted pieces for partygoers to riff on. Besides nighttime painting parties — which include a BYOB option — PWAT studios offer kids’ classes, weekday “coffee and canvas” groups for moms, and team-building corporate events.

It costs roughly $100,000 to open a franchise. The chain’s SEC disclosure documents show the median annual income for established stores is around $300,000.

Pinot’s Palette

Founded in 2009 by couple Beth and Charles Willis and Craig Ceccanti, Houston-based Pinot’s Palette began franchising in 2010. The chain has grown to 100 franchise locations in 31 states, with a big presence in California, Texas, and New Jersey. The chain expects to add 60 more units this year, says company marketing manager Jacqueline Deavenport. Customers range in age from 25-55, typically, and events include girls-night-out, kids’ Little Brushes art classes, and corporate events.

Pinot’s offers franchisees three different formats for the business — a BYOB model, a bar model, and a retail studio.
Pinot’s Palette is one of many “paint-n-sip” franchises that are expanding rapidly in 2015.

Costs to get into a Pinot’s franchise can range from $80,000-$170,000, depending on the format chosen and the cost of retail space in your market. In its disclosure documents, Pinot’s reports net income, rather than the gross income figures most franchisors state. Average net income for stores open more than a year was $268,000 in 2013. It’s notable that only 13 stores have been open that long — most of the chain’s growth came in the past 18 months or so.

What explains the explosive growth of this niche? Deavenport says, “Our candidates come from the corporate world, and have etensive marketing and management backgrounds. They want to do something for themselves, and something that’s fun. Your role is to have a party every night — and that’s attractive to people leaving the corporate sector. And everyone wants to do something new and fun, so for patrons, this is a little different.”

This article is from Forbes Magazine, see the full publication on their website.

Why You should have a Stampede Paint Parti

5 Reasons You Should Have a Paint Parti during stampede

Many companies plan team events, entertainment and unique socializing activities for their staff during the Stampede as a way to allow coworkers to get to know one another and enjoy a break from the often-stressful work environment. This year, why not try a different type of corporate event for your team? If you’re looking for a great way to boost creativity and morale between coworkers, Paint Parti’s have you covered! Here are 5 reasons a Paint Parti will be the most fun you have with your coworkers this Stampede season, not to mention that ½ the cost goes to a charity of your choice.

1. Non-Intimidating- Paint Partis take place in a non-intimidating and non-competitive environment. They allow you to paint and be creative while you interact with coworkers in a relaxing atmosphere. Paint Partis are perfect for making art accessible to everyone, as well as building confidence through newly found, or improved skills.

2. Team-Building- By spending time together outside of the office, your team will have the opportunity to get to know one another on a more personal level which will help to create stronger connections and a more productive group. Your team will have the chance to interact in a stress-free environment and make new connections, as well as strengthening other ones.

3. Unique- Traditional Stampede events like the rodeo are tons of fun, but a Paint Parti is a totally unique corporate event that your team will be telling their friends about for years to come! It will be great to venture from common Stampede activities as a way to allow your team to try something new and maybe find they have a new favourite hobby!

4. Creative- Many people don’t tend to think of themselves as creative, and a Paint Parti is a great way to show that everyone has creativity within them, and sometimes all it takes is the right environment and a little instruction from a master artist to bring it out! Your team will feel inspired and confident as they watch themselves create a work of art they may have never thought possible.

5. FUN!- There’s no doubt that the Stampede is one of the most fun times of the year, but a Paint Parti will take fun to a whole new level. You and 20-40 team members can enjoy each other’s company and a few beverages, while discovering just how creative you can be. You can laugh and talk in a relaxing and fun atmosphere, and it will be just the rejuvenating break from the office everyone needs sometimes!

Make sure you book your Stampede corporate event with Paint Parti this year to guarantee a fun and creative time for you and your team! We will also be sure to donate a portion of the funds to a charity of your choice.

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Valentines Day Fun

Whether your single or taken, it’s a blast!

Cost:$75 includes a gift and a beverage of your choice.

Location: The Winkin Owl- 13750 Bow Bottom Trail SE Calgary AB T2J

Time: 12pm-2pm

What we do: It is a unique interesting concept of blending two things together, painting and drinking with a unique opportunity to socialize and be creative meet new people,for date night or just a social get together

Duration: 1.5-2-hour Paint parti’s are held usually with 20-40 people in attendance who follow the step-by-step instructions of the master artist from a blank canvas to a masterpiece This is about making art accessible to people who don’t consider themselves artists or creative in any way While having a few beverages in a non formal environment. Paint Parti is about having fun, with a stress free, non-judgmental environment that inspires everyone to enjoy the process of creating something from nothing and meeting some new friends and people along the way

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