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Great Sites for Learning Painting Techniques

Learn cool art techniques with these great online resources!

  1. Drawspace – Free Online Drawing Lessons
  2. CtrlPaint – A free learning resource dedicated to the basics of digital painting
  3. ExposureGuide – Photography tips, news and tutorials
  4. CambridgeInColor – A learning community for photographers
  5. KhanAcademy – Learn art history basics from cave paintings to contemporary art and everything in between.
  6. GoogleArtProject – Collections of famous artworks.
  7. PhotographyBastardsBook – An open source guide to working with light.
  8. ArtGraphica – Learn to sketch, draw, and paint with free lessons.
  9. Enliighten – Learn digital painting using Photoshop.
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Art Therapy Helps Cancer Patients

Karen Wakely, an art therapist at Stamford Hospital in Stamford, Connecticut, discusses the art therapy program she’s been running at Stamford Hospital for over 10 years. Rica Mendes, a breast cancer survivor and artist, talks about the benefits of art therapy. There is also a communal bonding that happens as they meet people going through similar situations.

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